Lily Beetle is on the move!

Just a quickie to inform everyone, just in case no one has noticed, but Lily Beetle is on the move!
By Jcart1534 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Jcart1534 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (, via Wikimedia Commons

Yes, those bright crimson red beetle pests, are already spreading and mating. They make a mess of plants, creating holes in leaves, but worst still when they lay  eggs, they create that horrible ‘gunky’ mess.
 If you see them………Squash them. You have to be careful collecting them off plants, as they drop quickly like a stone, and you have problems finding them again.
 One way  said to deter them is Pelargoniums, another is Garlic. If anyone wants to  now more, please let me know.
Ta for now,
Happy gardening,
Bob (A.M.)

Sunflower Competition 2015

Hi Everyone

I just thought that you might like an update on the Sunflower Competition.Sun Flower Comp 2015

So far around 30 people of all ages have paid their 50p, put their name on the entry list and entered the competition. They have all been supplied withseed from the same supplier to give everyone a fair chance. How you grow thesunflowers after that is entirely up to you, (mine are currently in my greenhouse), but they must be growing in your plot in the week before open day if they are to be measured. If you don’t have a lot of spare room in your plot, just plant out the strongest 3 seedlings and feed them well!!!

There are still some packets of seeds left in the shed, and its not too late to plant them as they will soon catch up at this time of year.

Happy growing

Catherine Green  plot 28A

Oped Day Meeting and Other Info

HGAA Open Day 2015 Metg1. This note is primarily to let you know of the date that has been fixed for our meeting to discuss. This will be on 31 May at 12.00 by the shelter and will be your opportunity to discuss products, activities, who will do what etc etc. Liz will be leading this year but will be relying on your help to make this a success. See you there!

2. The future of the Community plot adjacent the shed was discussed at the recent Committee Meeting. After detailed consideration it was felt than any potential benefit would be likely to be outweighed by the costs associated with making the plot fit for purpose, together with the on-going maintenance commitment. The matter was put to a vote and it was decided that the plot should be re-consolidated with 19G.

3. As you may know, Athol has given up his plot. However, before he left he donated what can best be described as a long handled dibber (of his own design) to the Association. Joyce has prepared a briefing note for its use which has been attached to the timber frame of the shelter. The dibber is in the corner.

4. There have been issues recently concerning the building of permanent/semi-permanent fruit/vegetable cages. The Committee has no objection in principle to these cages but they must not exceed 2m in height at any point, be of reasonable size in relation to the plot and be covered in standard horticultural black netting. If these guidelines are not followed you will be required to remove the structure. The reason for the restrictions is that we have a duty of care towards our fellow plotholders and must ensure that we do not materially degrade our shared environment. In addition, the  Council are not be prepared to accept any structure on the site which could prove a nuisance or annoyance to local residents. As it is, some of our neighbours are proving extremely sensitive, having objected to a cage that is within these guidelines.  If you are in any doubt as to whether a structure is acceptable, please contact either a member of the Committee or a Trustee before starting construction.

Ian & Liz


Sunflower Competition 2015

We are planning to have a tallest sunflower competition at HGAA Open Day this year on Sunday 6th September 2015. We feel that the site will look amazing with lots of tall sunflowers growing majestically in every corner, and it will be a bit of fun for everyone.

If you would like to enter please purchase your special pack seeds from the allotment shed over the next few Sundays, and write your name and plot number on the list provided so that you will be entered  into the competition and your sunflowers will be measured for Open Day. Fifty pence will pay for a pack of 8 seeds and entry into the competition.

Happy Growing

Catherine Green plot 28aSunflower Competition 2015

Mower Training This Sunday (26th April)

Mowing Responsibility HGAA

As you know it is a requirement of the sub-tenancy agreement that you keep the paths to the edge of your plot mowed. The document showing what you are required to mow is attached. However, before you can operate the mowers you must have undertaken a 5-10 minute training session in order to comply with Health & Safety and the site insurance requirements. My records indicate that you have yet to undertake the training. In order to overcome this problem John Sellars has kindly agreed to take a training session at 12.00 this Sunday.

If you can make it please meet John near the shop at that time. Once you have finished your training will need to sign a record which John will countersign. Please let me know if you are unable to make it and indicate when you will be able to attend. If you have already undertaken the training but have not signed the record, please let me know.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Best wishes,
Ian & Liz